3 Summer 2018 Sleeper Anime

Banana Fish (Amazon)

Three Summer 2018 Sleeper Anime
Source: MAL

Banana Fish had me hooked with its poster. Stylistically, Banana Fish looks straight out of the 80’s, making it remarkably fresh compared to everything else.

Banana Fish drops you into the world of 17-year-old Ash Lynx, the leader of a street gang watched closely under the eye of mob boss, Dino Golzine. One night, a dying man passes Ash a mysterious vile and imparts his finals words, “Banana Fish”—the same words that drove his brother mad in Iraq. After discovering Golzine is behind Banana Fish, Ash, his street gang, and Eiji Okamura (a young photographer from Japan) must unravel Banana Fish’s secrets before Golzine and his men kill them first.

I cannot recommend this show enough. And yet, if I had to pick one show to watch this season, it would be…


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