3 Summer 2018 Sleeper Anime

Revue Starlight (HiDive)

Three Summer 2018 Sleeper Anime
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I just watched episode 7 of Revue Starlight and had to rewrite this entire portion. Revue Starlight follows Karen Aijou as she competes with her world-class classmates for a lead role in a production called Starlight. One day, Hikari Kagura, a star-crossed friend from Karen’s childhood, transfers into Seisho Music Academy and that’s when everything changes.

Because, and stick with me here, these girls are ranked through secret, one vs. one, swordfight, stage auditions hosted by a talking giraffe. This isn’t played as wacky; it’s 100% deathly serious. These auditions are initially what made me fall in love with the show. These are true stage auditions. The swords, bows, arrows, and falling set pieces are real. There’s gravity and tension to every conflict. The camerawork, animation, and music performances are unrivaled during these portions. And if this was the entire show, I’d be ecstatic, and yet…

Episode 7 of Revue Starlight has one of the most unexpected, “out of left field” moments I’ve seen in any show. Episode 7 re-hooked me on an anime I was already ravenous for. I rewatched the first six episodes after it ended. And now I’m furious that I have to wait another week for the next episode.


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