3 Totally Inappropriate Waifu

3 Totally Inappropriate Waifus

We all have them. Waifu selection goes hand-in-hand with anime fandom… That is until we find out how weird they can really be. In honor of the weirdness that is the waifu, here’s my list of the top 3 most inappropriate picks.

3 Totally Inappropriate Waifus

Yuno Gasai

For those of you in the dark, Yuno is the leading lady from the anime that popularized Yandere’s Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary). She is off her rocker in so many ways, but she is still loved and adored by so many fans. She keeps her friends close and her lovers even closer, all whilst brandishing a knife. She makes my weird waifu list purely based on her feverish (if not bat-crazy) love for the man she’s after.

Hell, she even contemplated having to kill Yukiteru Amano’s mother when she had to sleep over at her ‘lovers’ house once. That is maddening dedication that borders on creepsville; and yet, I happen to know one or two folks who prop Yuno up as the ideal, dedicated waifu.

3 Totally Inappropriate Waifus

Mika Harima

Mika is a curious one, coming from the immensely popular series Durarara!!. Much like Yuno, Mika is seen by the community as a dedicated lover who would be the perfect waifu for the lonely among us; plus she’s good at pretending to be a severed head. While Mika is definitely more tame than Yuno, she still has a special ranking on this top three list.

Nothing like being the sort of waifu who is only seen as a head…

3 Totally Inappropriate Waifus


Okay—this one takes the cake for me. There is always a fine line as an anime fan and underage sisters made waifu is one of them. Kirino stars in the popular anime Oreimo and is the attention of an affectionate, older brother.

A lot (and I mean, a lot) of individuals out there adore this character but frankly it’s just weird in my book. I just cannot see the enjoyment of having a underaged character as a waifu. With these ‘age of consent’ issues, Kirino probably would take my vote for the number 1 weirdest waifu award.

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