Tim Burton Turns 56: Five Reasons You Should Watch All Of His Movies

Director, producer, artist, animator, whatever. Tim Burton is a lot. Actually, he might be everything. Today is his 56th birthday, and here’s a fraction of the reasons why you should consider worshipping him.

1. Art Direction.

Easy. Throughout his career, four different Production Designers won Academy Awards working with him. Everything from the weirdness of Mars Attacks to Sleepy Hollow‘s eerie, gothic vibe to the CGI-madness of Alice in Wonderland and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, force our jaws to the floor.

Alice in Wonderland


2. Outcasts.

No one else portrays the struggle of not being able to fit in, more consistently than Burton. Whether it’s his countless witch characters or the fidgety, charming protagonists (thanks, Johnny Depp), he’s squeezed so much empathy out of planet Earth that if we condensed it and spiked Darth Vader’s drink, he’d turn into John Lennon.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands

3. Batman. Just Batman.

We like Nolan’s flicks. That being said, Burton actually did Batman with a non-douchy-Christian-Bale-sounding-like-he-smoked-80-cigarettes-a-day-kind-of-voice, the Batsuit was awesome, the Batmobile wasn’t a spaceship and while Heath Ledger did great, Nicholson’s Joker was a true nutjob of a mesh between reality and fantasy. Also, Burton wanted Michael Jackson to do the sound alongside Prince (talk about taste). Also, Pierce Brosnan actually turned down the Batman role for possibly the most absurd reason ever. Which we’re reeeeally happy about.


4. He is the Emperor of Romance.

It’s never been like a Disney fairytale for his characters to find love, and that’s what we adore about Burton. It’s often a seemingly hopeless struggle, that either ends beautifully or horrible—I mean, he had Mark Wahlberg kissing an ape.. so yeah, you decide.

Mark Wahlberg

5. Dat cast.

Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough, Michael Keaton, Deep Roy. Some people call his casting predictable. But we fail to understand the problem in that. If you find people that weird out well together, why not? Tarantino and Wes Anderson follow a somewhat similar casting path, and surprisingly they both gush out great films. And you really can’t say anything bad about the guy who exposed the world to the greatness of Pee-wee Herman with his first movie.

Male leads in Tim Burton movies
Spot the not-Johnny Depp.


Got more reasons? Drop a comment below.


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