Time Is on Your Side In “Sensen Senki” Arcade Game

Time Is on Your Side In "Sensen Senki" Arcade Game
(Source: senki.sega.jp)

SEGA recently revealed their latest arcade game — and it’s a card battle like no other! Take a look at the brand new Sensen Senki, coming soon to an arcade near you… If you’re in Japan, that is.

Choose Your Heroes

Time Is on Your Side In "Sensen Senki" Arcade GameIn Sensen Senki, you play as a Chronos: a type of general who leads an army of four into battle against other Choronoses (Chronei?). Build your army up from Fighters, Hunters, Clerics, Sorcerers, Knights, and Witches. Guide them with special cards, protect your land, and take over the land of the enemy Chronos.

At the end of each battle, you get a treasure chest full of goodies to kit out your team. And it looks like special events — including the public playtest — could net you some bonus cards to scan in, too!

The official website (in Japanese) features sections on how the game runs, the HP and SP system, and more. However, SEGA hasn’t said whether we’ll ever see a home mod or an overseas release. But it sure looks fun so far!

Coming To Akihabara

Time Is on Your Side In "Sensen Senki" Arcade Game
(Source: Inside Games)

SEGA is giving gamers a taste of what’s to come with their Akihabara-area playtesting event! For three days, interested players can come and try out the machines themselves. Prestigious gamers will also be on hand for demonstrations and explanations.

Once you’ve played the game, fill out a questionnaire and you’ll receive an exclusive clear file (shown on left). Plus, depending on which day you show up, you could grab some bonuses to make your team rock when the game goes public.

The hybrid arcade/TCG looks like it’s going to be something really special for the Akihabara arcades. Depending on how popular it gets, maybe we’ll get to see it in an arcade near us soon.

But if you happen to be in Japan soon, be sure to check out Akiba and have a go at Sensen Senki during the test phase… and let us know how it goes!

Does Sensen Senki look like your kind of game? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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