Today’s Voices Of “Lupin III”: Have You Met The Gang?

Goemon Ishikawa XIII: Daisuke Namikawa

Today's Voices Of "Lupin III": Have You Met The Gang?
Source: GARO Wiki

Taking on the role of legendary swordsman Goemon is Daisuke Namikawa. He’s held the role for five films, and Lupin III Part 5 makes his third series wielding Zantetsuken.

Digimon fans will recognize Namikawa as the voice of Daigo in Digimon Adventure tri. But he’s got a prolific resume outside of that, too! He also shows up as Lord El-Melloi II in the Fate metaseries, Italy in Hetalia, and Yuu Narukami in Persona 4.

Prior to 2010, Goemon was voiced primarily by Makio Inoue — who you may also recognize as the voice of Captain Harlock!

Fujiko Mine: Miyuki Sawashiro

For years, Lupin’s favorite girl shared a voice with Go Nagai’s transforming heroine, Cutie Honey. Eiko Masuyama left the role in 2011, at which point Miyuki Sawashiro stepped in.

Fate fans will recognize her voice, too: she appears as Mordred (Saber of Red) in Apocrypha and Grand Order. And speaking of Grand Order, you’ll also hear her as Rama and Florence Nightingale. She also appears as Toko in Danganronpa and… Puchiko in Di Gi Charat? That surprised us, too!

Inspector Zenigata: Koichi Yamadera

Sadly, voice actor Goro Naya passed away in 2013, not long after retiring from voice acting. But in his time, he brought energy and hilarity to the role of Interpol’s Inspector Zenigata.

Stepping into his shoes is Koichi Yamadera, best known to fans as Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop. Another fun fact: he’s also voiced Captain Harlock!

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