Viewster Pick: Top 3 Cosplayers

viewster cosplay picks

Few activities make anime more real than cosplay. Diving in deep into a character, costume construction, the full immersion… Is there anything better??


With that in mind, we’d like to take an opportunity to showcase a few cosplay characters that make us say, “Wow”.


She’s the hometown girl we all know and love, just 100x more badass. Originally from Oklahoma, Linda Le has been in the cosplay game since age 12. YUP.

Considered one of the most famous faces in the industry, she’s branched out into comic artwork, writing and more. Linda Lee is taking over.


siutao Straight out of Hong Kong, Siutao is as authentic as it gets. She’s covered the cosplay of every character under the sun, plus she’s a kickass artist and gamer. In summary, she’s every otaku‘s dream girl. Oh, and she’s got a badass cat, too.

Phil Mizuno

Phil Mizuno cosplayBet you didn’t realize cosplay was a major thing in Canada. Phil’s leading the pack with the ultimate cosplay message to share with fans: DO YOU, sans shame. Phil is a personal favorite of ours (hence his own Viewster channel…), especially because of his influence on the community. Frankly, theres no one more positive than him.


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