Top 5 Reasons to Watch Welcome to Irabu’s Office

Not nearly enough people have been talking about the series Welcome to Irabu’s Office since it premiered here on Viewster. A wild ride that promises to make absolutely zero sense by the time it’s done, this is a series that deserves an audience. Why should you invest 11 episodes worth of your life into this series though? Let me tell you!


1. The Visuals Will Blow You Away

I’m not saying that the animation this series is incredible, I’m saying that the visuals are different. Welcome to Irabu’s Office will stick with you for days afterward thanks to its use of various forms of animation. From cardboard cutouts to rotoscoping, this series will have you tilting your head like a puppy listening to a voicemail, but in a good way.



2. Theme Songs

Earworm Alert: These songs are going to be stuck in your head for days after you’re done watching this series.


3. Bizarre Storytelling

Welcome to Irabu’s Office is all about a psychologist who treats eleven patients’ different mental issues… or at least listen to them talk about their problems. On one side of the coin you can say that this is a medical series since the title character is a doctor, but on the flip side you can’t say that this is a medical series because he never really cures anyone. Does that make sense to you? It shouldn’t because this is a series that is not meant to make sense in the least and anyone who thinks that it does should make an appointment with Dr. Irabu.



4. Nurse Mayumi

I’ve never wanted to get an injection of vitamins from a sadistic nurse so much in my life.



5. Because You Deserve It

This is the kind of anime series that fans have been craving and begging to see for many years, so why not treat yourself and watch something that is entirely different from what you’re used to?


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With English Subtitles in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United States


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