Top 5 Sites For Anime-Inspired Recipes

Have you ever been sitting there watching your favorite show and gotten a little jealous of the food they’re eating? Viewster has already given you some great ideas like Japanese Pancakes and Korokke. The rest of the internet is here to feed your hunger for anime inspired recipes.

Japanese food has a unique look and taste, but most recipes are achievable by even the most amateur chefs. There are now multiple tumblr pages and blogs out there that provide you with the recipes for the best dishes from Japanese animation, manga and video games.

  1. One of my favorite places to start is Anime Recipes. They take inspiration specifically from anime and produce usable recipes for all of us to try. They’ve already covered shows like Yuri!! On Ice, Black Butler, Lucky Star, Pokemon and even the fish pie from Kiki’s Delivery Service. The ramen recipe inspired by Naruto looks especially delicious to me.
  2. Another great one is Otaku Recipes, they cover all sorts of Japanese entertainment and they update their posts more often. They’ve gotten into recipes from Digimon visual novels, Tokyo Mew Mew, Kitchen Princess manga, Ranma 1/2, and Sailor Moon. The sweet potato pie from Fantasy Life looks like my next favorite dessert.

  3. There is also Itadakimasuanime on Worpress. It has the biggest catalog of recipes to pull from that I found and has everything separated into Mains, Sides, Sweet Desserts, and Sauces. This one also offers a section providing more information about the ingredients that may be unfamiliar to you or hard to find.

  4. Marina sauce is another WordPress blog that offers anime reviews along with all the recipes they create. This site really examines anime through the lens of the food that everyone eats. There’s a ton of content to look through, but the food recipes haven’t been updated in a while.

  5. Otaku Food is really the top notch version of this idea. The recipes on here are less directly inspired from anime and more just Japanese food in general, but it’s got a sleek layout and easy to navigate. It’s even got a section for finding and buying your own ingredients and cookware.

With this many options, you are sure to find something you’ll love to eat while watching the anime on Viewster. Check these sites out and get cooking today!



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