Top Ways To Find Your Local Anime Fans

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As of lately I have been on a crusade of sorts to find local events that help to promote anime and gaming culture. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I enjoy every minute of it. Now the first question that comes to mind is, “How do you find local anime fans to meet?”

First off, I’ll admit that finding your local meets can be tricky. Without proper know-how, your luck could very well bottom out. Social media can help: chances are you already have established high school or community college groups around. Many of these groups may already host events or conventions. Locally I have only a few events & conventions to explore, such as G.A.M.E or Library-Con. Just keep an eye on social media and always try to reach out to these clubs. Odds are they may already be hosting meets. And if not… There’s always Google.

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Local Springfield, MO Convention GAME.

Secondly, get creative and host your own event. It might be a large undertaking but it’s well worth it. Get in touch with a local library for starters. Most of them carry manga or anime rentals and they generally have rooms available for public use. Just hit up social media, post fliers, spread the word at other local events and BAM. Got yourself a quick and easy gathering for anime fans. (This is truly networking at its finest.)

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We loved our local cosplay gathering. It even caught the attention of a local news agency. Great way to get out of your comfort zone and talk with new people.

Now if you are still having a hard time finding those local anime enthusiasts, why not look into local gaming events? Anime and gaming seems to blend fairly often and gaming events seem to be more widespread. Local video game stores or tabletop game stores will host events that you can be apart of. Barnes and Noble (if you got one or an equivalent) usually host events now around anime, manga and gaming. My local Barnes and Noble hosts an anime/manga appreciation event every Sunday and it is rad. 

So if you ever find yourself bored and wondering, “Where are all the anime fans at?” worry no more. Just keep these tips in mind and explore. That or just leave a pile of anime waifus in the street and wait for them to come to you.


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