Wannabe Mario-Karter Crashes Yet Again In Tokyo

Wannabe Mario-Karter Crashes Yet Again In Tokyo
Source: @maaavooo / Twitter

You’ve heard us talk about them before… the delightfully dangerous, teeny-tiny go-carts weaving in and out of traffic in Japan. Boasting a “real-world” Nintendo experience, you can imagine they’ve caused some serious problems for traffic and locals.

First thing’s first: the vast majority of these businesses don’t even have the approval or authorization of any of the properties they advertise with. They try to claim they’ve got nothing to do with Nintendo (since legally, they don’t),  but I mean… when everyone is dressed like Super Mario characters and zipping around the streets in brightly colored karts I think you can see why it appears otherwise.

Thanks to their wild popularity, these businesses are run fast and loose. The vehicles they drive are only barely street legal and now more accidents are emerging.

This time it was a tourist from Singapore that couldn’t keep their kart on the road and ended up crashing into a sign on the sidewalk. It looks like our Mario Kart wannabe was either dressed as a Minion or maybe even Wario when he careened off the road and crashed. Luckily no one was hurt this time and the driver didn’t try to escape (because yes, others have in the past).

Wannabe Mario-kart Crashes Yet Again In Tokyo
Source: @Rhino_Tokyo / Twitter

Not too long ago, one tourist took out a young man on a bicycle and tried to flee the scene in his silly costume. Thankfully, he was caught and arrested.

Truthfully, we expected to hear these stories less and less frequently thanks to Nintendo’s recent commitment to shutting down the services…. But clearly, they can only fry so many fish at once.





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