Ultraman Awesomeness: The Real And The Less Real

Ultraman Awesomeness: The Real And The Less Real
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Ultraman has been around for decades, but its fandom is still going strong! A new series is running this year, and a much loved classic is getting an HD remaster in Japan.

Also, there’s a new movie coming out… which the creators of the series knew nothing about.

The Return of Ultraman Taro

Ultraman Awesomeness: The Real And The Less Real
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Ultraman Taro was Tsuburuya’s tenth anniversary series. It was also an attempt to bring the Ultraman franchise around to something more kid-friendly after going a much darker route. While it lost a bit of viewership during its run, it gained a fandom over the years, resulting in it getting a way cool HD release this year in Japan!

The Blu-Ray restoration job is definitely more for nostalgia than quality, though. Rather than trying to make the 1970s series look clean and pristine, they’re enhancing the feel of the original. The restoration team was made up of pros who all had experience with analog film. So watching this HD release will feel just like watching it on the night it aired!

The box set comes out in Japan this December, and includes behind-the-scenes features and staff interviews.

But not all things Ultraman are necessarily good. Or legit.

So Long, Ultraman

Ultraman Awesomeness: The Real And The Less Real
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Even though there’s lots of official Ultraman media coming out, China’s Guangzhou Blue Arc Culture Communication Co., Ltd. apparently thought they still had work to do. The studio, which specializes in 3DCG productions, recently announced a new film with a very familiar looking silver star. So, what one-off name did they give him to protect themselves?

Actually, they just called him Ultraman.

The projects, titled Dragon Force: So Long, Ultraman hasn’t gone over well with Tsuburuya. While there is a company abroad that’s allowed to distribute existing features, no one else in the world is legally allowed to make Ultraman content at this point in time. So what’s going to happen to Blue Arc? Legal action, apparently. How far it will actually go is anyone’s guess.

Regardless, there’s plenty of amazing Ultraman stuff out there for tokusatsu fans! What’s your favorite season? Let us know in the comments!




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