Unicorn Gundam Lights Up Tokyo Sky This Month

Moving into the Universal Century

Source: Anime News Network

Tokyo is currently implementing what they’re calling the “TOKYO Gundam Project 2018.” The project celebrates both the long-running series and humanity’s continued advances into the space age. As part of that celebration, they’ll be lighting up the Unicorn Gundam throughout April and May.

Thanks to projection mapping technology, the Gundam will enter Destroy Mode in an even more vivid and kinetic way. Plus, light shows will memorialize moments from the show’s history. Combined with music and presentations from the world of Gundam, it promises to be quite a spectacle!

The projection mapping light shows run from April 21st to May 6th (subject to weather).

The statue’s official page features a full schedule and set list, should you happen to find yourself in Odaiba while this is going down.


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