Super Nintendo World Leak: The Latest

Super Nintendo World Leak: Here's The Latest
Image source: Nintendo; acquired from
Super Nintendo World Leak: Here's The Latest
Image source: Nintendo

In early June of this year, Japan began work on a Super Nintendo World branch of their Universal Studios theme park. We knew this was coming, but now we’ve got more details.

Super Nintendo World is planned to open just before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo (nice tourist timing, if you ask me). The whole build is supposed to cost around $433 million in construction and create just over 1 million jobs in the area. Initially, the first development within the park is going to focus on the most well-recognized Nintendo creation ever, Super Mario.

The first key attraction they have talked about is a real life version of the classic Mario Kart. Exactly how they will adapt the video game experience into a real world experience is still a closely guarded secret, but they have hinted at some new technological marvel. I’m guessing it won’t be the same old go-carts with a little motor. The executives promoting this attraction stated,

…an attraction that is unlike any the world has ever seen…the most immersive and cutting-edge technological attraction we could possibly imagine.

Visitors will also get to enter the park through a giant green tube, just like Mario and Princess Toadstool from the Nintendo consoles of old. In the preview images, there are also visible representations of the Princess’ castle and Bowser’s evil castle. It sounds like the whole thing is an effort to give park visitors the first-hand experience of jumping inside one of those classic Nintendo games. That means tons of colorful venues and possibly being able to explore the different levels of the park just like one might explore the different levels of a game.

Super Nintendo World Leak: Here's The Latest
Image source: Nintendo

Obviously, Mario is the most popular Nintendo property. However, I am hoping that they save some of the 430 mill for some of the other great games. I mean, I could imagine a Donkey Kong themed obstacle course like a giant bouncy castle for when all of us clumsy tourists stumble around. They could easily adapt the Super Metroid game into a virtual reality shooter for everyone to play there in person. The Legend of Zelda games are also major properties in the Nintendo-verse. You could make an attraction about solving dungeon puzzles or archery challenges.

Also, Nintendo is one of the many co-owners of the Tetris franchise of games. I want a Tetris block puzzle themed ride or at least a classic stand up console in the attraction’s arcade. Speaking of arcades, think of the possibilities of a video game arcade in a Super Nintendo World theme park! That’s where I would spend my whole day.



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