VICELAND Announces Late-Night Anime Block

VICELAND Announces Late-Night Anime Block

This doesn’t happen often, but I have news that stretches beyond American and Japanese borders. According to ANN, VICELAND TV has announced a partnership with Anime Limited, and they’re starting their own DAILY late-night anime block. And yes, this includes VICELAND UK.

The anime titles they got their hands on are a freaking goldmine. They’ll be showing Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul √A, Eureka Seven, and Samurai Champloo—just an incredible lineup. While we don’t yet have a name for the anime block, we do have a starting date: July 17 at midnight. (I may be an annoying *sshole for semantics, but I’m pretty sure that means the minute after 11:59 PM on July 17).

VICELAND Announces Late-Night Anime Block

For those in the United States, I’m pretty sure you have access to VICELAND through your basic cable subscription. And for our friends in the UK, VICELAND is available on Sky News 153 and Sky’s Now TV digital service.

I cannot wait for this, mostly because I get VICELAND. I have also never watched Eureka Seven or Tokyo Ghoul √A. Plus, I’m excited for the next generation of anime fans. Whatever your personal feelings are towards the show, Cowboy Bebop is a gateway anime. It has dragged multiple generations into anime, and I don’t believe that will stop anytime soon. And when we have more eyes that watch these shows, our community will grow.

VICELAND Announces Late-Night Anime Block
Oh my…

My only real question is how heavy will the censorship be? I’ve seen many a show on VICELAND, and while they don’t seem to mind showing graphic content, they’ll bleep out curse words. God knows how they’re going to handle Tokyo Ghoul. Maybe we’ll get lucky due to the late timeslot.

To our US and UK readers, how awesome is this? Will you be tuning in to watch any of these shows?

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