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In a previous Viewster Industry Spotlight, we highlighted voice actress Aya Suzaki, a young voice actress from Japan well-known for her role as Mako from the series Kill la Kill, but this Spotlight is focused on a different sort of voice actress. This Industry Spotlight is all about english-language voice actress superstar Cristina Vee.

With over 100 projects under her belt, Cristina Vee is a prominent voice in the anime dub scene, as well as a famous video game voice artist and singer. Perhaps most famous for her roles as Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon series and Riven the Exile from League of Legends, Cristina Vee has been working in the anime and related industries since 2005. She received her breakthrough role as Kanaria from the series Rozen Maiden.

Along with voicing Sailor Mars, Cristina Vee is also the english-speaking voice of countless other anime characters such as Koharu Seto of Your Lie in April, Konishi from Charlotte, Mosquito Girl from One Punch Man, Mio Akiyama of K-On!, Kotori Minami from Love Live! and many more. Cristina Vee is also an accomplished singer, and released her first solo EP, Menagerie, exclusively to OMAKASE subscribers earlier this year.


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