Visual Novels Get Gritty in “GRISAIA” VR Opening

Visual Novels Get Gritty in "GRISAIA" VR Opening
Image source: DualShockers

Have you tried out GRISAIA: Phantom Trigger yet? This new visual novel is available on Steam, and it’s just as gritty as the rest of the series. If you haven’t experienced it yet… why not get immersed in its VR world?

Testing, Testing…

Visual Novels Get Gritty in "GRISAIA" VR Opening
Image source: Frontwing

Series maker Frontwing created a VR-compatible version of the game’s opening sequence, but why? As a test, apparently. The 360 vid places you in a small, concrete room, with the opening projected on a wall in front of you. But that’s not all. Look to your left and right for renders of the Phantom Trigger logo. And then look behind you for even more video!

The back wall contains a fascinating collage of extra scenes and text. If you’re watching on YouTube, click and drag to look around. On a smartphone, just turn in place. And if you’re lucky and have a VR hookup… well, you know what to do.

Watch Your Head!

Visual Novels Get Gritty in "GRISAIA" VR Opening
Image source: Frontwing

But… this is GRISAIA. So don’t let the cute girls and pretty music fool you. You might want to look out around the 1:17 mark. Why? Well, we won’t say specifically. But if you know anything about the series, you can probably guess. Just bear in mind that you’re in a concrete room with no doors — so there’s nowhere you can go when this video hits you right between the eyes!

(To that end, we suggest that viewers who are sensitive to violence or extreme visuals give this video a miss.)

So, what is Frontwing up to? Were they just playing around with existing content, or do they have something up their sleeves for future Phantom Trigger chapters? We’ll just have to wait and see… but it looks like they’re definitely having fun with their experiment.

Ready to brave the opening? Here’s the video! Let us know how you watched it — and if you have a VR hookup, tell us what it was like!


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