2 Japanese Products That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

The WTF: Leftover Bathwater Drink

What? Why? How?

I’ll quell your fears right away. This is a joke product. It isn’t real, but it’s sure as hell being marketed that way. You can buy either the male or the female version.

2 Japanese Products That'll Leave You Scratching Your Head
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This is just water. Just water…it’s not leftover bathwater, just tasty water. But telling you that won’t be enough to suppress all the things you’re imagining as you drink this beverage made in the image of the leftover bathwater a beautiful woman [or man] was bathing in.

Just, god no. Shockingly, the female version is sold out (but is promised to be back in stock). As of March 12, there are four bottles of the man’s water left. Each bottle goes for ¥324 ($3.02). You can buy the man’s here and wait for the woman’s here. But you’re better off saving that money for therapy.

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