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Bad hair, bad jokes, bad ideas … but so, soooo good to watch. Camp isn’t easy, believe it or not. It takes a certain…sensibility …to create a lasting camp classic. One has to have that certain X factor, of low-budget, low-brow and lowest common denominator appeal. It’s both elusive, and in your face, all at once. That said, camp can also be totally unintentional too …sometimes it’s just a rare indefinable moment that crystallizes into brilliance before your eyes, like say, any particular moment in each one of these classic camp films:

Reefer Madness (aka Tell Your Children)

Finally, a film that explains how the “War on Drugs” thing really got started! Originally financed by a church group as a cautionary tale against the dangers of smoking weed, Reefer Madness has become probably the most well-known film in the genre. And for all the right reasons. How can you resist the diabolical hysteria and unintentional humor of a film that warns you from the get-go that smoking marijuana will lead to car crashes, suicide and madness?!!!


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Sorority Babes in the Dance-a-thon of Death

You can almost imagine the director of Sorority Babes in the Dance-a-thon of Death was “heading to camp”from the minute he thought up the title. It just doesn’t get any more obvious than that. And thank your lucky stars! Put this winner on in the background when you want to gauge the temperature on that new romance in your life …if your special someone can handle the twisted genius of Sorority Babes in the Dance-a-thon of Death, they might be THE ONE. Four sorority sisters stumble upon a crystal ball and end up doing something they wouldn’t have wanted to do in the first place (like, um …act). Oh, wait, no …they wake up a demon that enters our world and then …oh never mind the plot! This one is all about the babes.


Available Worldwide


All American Zombie Drugs

 So this one may fall into the “it’s just cheesy” but why not? Two burnouts start a new “business venture,” where they take on angry frat-boys, sketchy businessmen, and naturally… zombies .. lots of zombies.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 16.36.53

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Exquisite Corpses

 Did you ever see Liquid Sky, the ‘80s punk rock mind-melt? Exquisite Corpses is kind of like that, minus all the mohawks. But with plenty of music, madness, and murder (plus a splash of bisexual love), this one is destined to be a camp classic, however long it takes …Moody and atmospheric, Exquisite Corpses has all the trappings of a really bad ‘80s experimental film, but it never quite makes it to the level of say, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is slow, meandering, and weird, and that’s a good thing.


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Sleepaway Camp III: Teena

In this, the third (yes, third) installment of the beloved cult classic, we have more chaos, more tongue-in-cheek humor, and way more blood! Pamela Springsteen (yes, The Boss’s sister) as Angela is back, as an angry inner-city camper on the prowl. Camp New Horizons, on the grounds of her former murders, pairs rich teens with their less than wealthy counterparts. Unfortunately for everyone, Angela could care less who’s rich and who’s poor. Lots of nudity, gore and Pamela Springsteen’s insanely great one liners.


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The Oracle

Though this one wants really badly to be a horror film, it fell off the truck in campville and couldn’t get back on. With a clichépremise, over-the-top delivery by super-serious actors delivering line after absurd line, The Oracle is a good example of inadvertent camp. Well, that, and a good example of some batshit crazy hairstyles … Seems like the filmmakers really had no idea that instead of a horror flick, they would be making a masterpiece of cheap, trashy pleasure.Pretty Jennifer (played by Caroline Capers Powers) and her insensitive husband Ray (Roger Neil) move into an apartment formerly occupied by an old gypsy fortune teller, and soon discover her automatic writing device, The Oracle. Unintentionally funny, and with plenty of gore, we give you strippers, switchblades and Ouija Boards. What more do you want?!!!


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Slash Dance

Clearly hoping to capitalize on being mistaken for Flashdance—which some might argue is itself a camp film—Slash Dance is a must-see for any serious camp aficionado, if only for the bragging rights. It’s got cache, see. Don’t ask why …it just hits all the targets, and that’s camp. A serial killer is on the prowl and aspiring actresses are turning up dead. A female cop with a shady past puts on her dancing shoes to find the killer, before he (she?) strikes again. Bad acting and stone-faced delivery are rampant, and we do get some hot babes in really sexy ‘80s leotards. If you’re a straight-to-video fan, the ‘80s fashion and terrible music alone are worth the price of admission. Oh wait …it’s free!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 17.04.20

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Teenagers from Outer Space

If you like your camp with a scandalous twist, look no further than Teenagers from Outer Space. Rumor has it that the film’swriter/director and young star were secretly gay lovers, which only adds to the melodrama on screen. Derek, a strapping young alien (David Love) on a recon mission for his home planet, falls for pretty teenage Earthling Betty (Dawn Anderson). Problem is … Derek’s fellow aliens plan to use Earth as a breeding ground for their food source, which are basically…um …giant lobsters.


Available Worldwide except CH, CO, MX


Rock N Roll Frankenstein

What else would you expect from the name Rock and Roll Frankenstein? Part musical, part horror and part action film, served with a side of … necrophilia. Opportunistic grave-robbers intend to make a hybrid superstar from the greatest rock artists the world has ever seen—Elvis, Morrison, Hendrix and Sid Vicious…with (quite literally) mixed results. This is kind of fun just for the name alone.

roch and roll frank

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Invasion of the Bee Girls

SOOOO over the top, in a “Beyond The Valley of the Ultra-vixens”kind of way, IOTBG is kind of what camp was made for: a terrible idea made beautifully real, and with just the right mix of pretty girls, sci-fi mumbo-jumbo, and cringe-worthy dialogue, wrapped up in a delightfully bad script that really stings (pun intended!). A sexy bee scientist creates an army of bee women who literally seduce men to death. As all of the men start to die off, the government sends a male agent to investigate—ruh roh!


Available Worldwide except CH, CO, MX


And that finishes off our first list of campy fun films on Viewster. Pro tip: Pick your top three picks from above, and make a theme night of it! Invite your wildest, weirdest friends over for a camp marathon (costumes required, and random non-sequiturs politely encouraged) order some pizzas, and think of a signature drink. Hint: something that Rocky Horror’s Frank N. Furter might like, maybe a gimlet …with a raw egg? It’s a guaranteed party!


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