What Do The 2020 Olympics Mean For Comiket?

What Do The 2020 Olympics Mean For Comiket?
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On the down-low, some fans have been fearing that Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics may conflict with that summer’s Comiket. And… sadly… they’re right.

The two events are vying for the same venue — Tokyo Big Sight — for their proceedings. Comiket always takes place at the iconic building, but much of it will be taken up by Olympic prep and presentation. So what does that mean for Comiket 2020?

The Situation

What Do The 2020 Olympics Mean For Comiket?
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The inverted pyramids of Tokyo Big Sight have become a symbol of global geekdom in recent years. The venue has hosted both summer and winter Comiket since 1996, with smaller offshoots taking place elsewhere. And since then, the regular attendance has grown to half a million people.

Now, considering the 2020 Olympics will take up 60% of the venue… that’s obviously an issue.

There were murmurings (mostly just worried) that there might not even be a 2020 NatsuKomi. Fortunately, even though things are a bit complicated, there’s still a solution underway.

Doujin Japan 2020

What Do The 2020 Olympics Mean For Comiket?
(Source: Japan Info)

First, the big question: yes, there will be a summer Comiket in 2020. It’ll just be… in spring.

The event is temporarily moving to Golden Week — the week of national holidays in Japan — so it can stay in its usual venue. Not only that, it will be accompanied by seven other doujin events, pop-ups, and stores during the spring and summer.

The initiative is being called “Doujin Japan 2020,” and it’s actually a pretty good idea. A shift in date always means some upheaval, but the accompanying doujin events may help creators make up some of the difference. Plus, it could help already-stressed doujin creators. Comiket schedules are tight, and the move up only makes it tougher. Multiple events could mean some extra slack in publication dates.

What about the other NatsuKomi and FuyuKomi until then? As far as we know, only the summer 2020 event is affected. So… as you were, until then!

How do you think the schedule change will affect the experience at Comiket? Tell us in the comments below!

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