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Another month of stellar posts and videos has blew right by us and we are again on the prowl (for stellar content, of course). July was a pretty busy month and I have had my hand in rounding up some of the note worthy news and events that took place! So let us all dive right in.

Photo Credit: Graham Becher

Jason Hall details how the Pokemon GO Fest became an utter fiasco.

We all have those high aspirations for events, nothing compared to the hype around Pokemon Go’s first event. That was until server issues plagued a majority of the event. This left many attendees wonder what they just paid for and why they even showed up. An event like this is supposed to be a day of fun and joyful Pokemon catching, but it was anything but. Naturally it wasn’t all negative. Many attendees did enjoy getting to meet so many other passionate trainers who attended the botched event.

Take a peek at the details here.

Angela Wang attends a rather controversial and underrated convention.

You never do know what you’re going to experience at an anime convention. Well, that’s what Angela Wang discovered while attending Anime Midwest. While she went into this convention expecting to hate it, she found her self drawn in by its charm. Get her full impression here.

splatoon anime ad
Image courtesy of Japanese Nintendo

Splatoon 2 gets an anime!

So as many of you know, we all love Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch. It is a solid game and squidding awesome! Having an anime debut on the same channel for the creator of the manga is awesome. Naturally, it remains to be seen how good this will be, blogger Brent Mercer does express concern for a translation to English.

Read more about the announcement here.

While not exactly new this month, the main Viewster channel does have Haikyuu!!

Okay, I have yet to really grasp sports anime, but this one is a must-watch for those volleyball lovers. It continues the excellence that is the sports anime genre and adds a sprinkling of boy love and delightful animation. Worth the watch, especially since it’s free to stream over here at Viewster.




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