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So as you all may know by now we have been quite busy with a few new additions these past few months! These new additions range from anime, to older anime movies and all the way back to earlier in the year with back to back to back episodes of Sparkles* own series. Now we have a brand new face to the Viewster family line-up of creators! This creator is the wonderfully talented and informed, Jaymes Hanson who gets his renown from his time covering the well crafted anime series Bleach over on his own personal YouTube channel. What Mr. Hanson is bringing to Viewster is a quick week to week update on all the latest happenings with manga, anime, anime inspired games and media. While we cannot say exactly what our pal has in store for future episodes, we can definitely say that we are both thrilled and excited to be working with Jaymes Hanson on bringing you all that we can in terms of updated news that relates back to your love of all things anime.


If a news based video is not your cup of tea then please consider checking out Sparkles* My Week as it has a good bulk of videos to fill your binge watching needs! Within this vlog based series Sparkles* brings us all into the light on his creative madness and wild, yet fun adventures. It is especially fun and brilliant to watch, especially if you love the vlog format when it comes to day to day videos.  The videos range from earlier in the year to some more current episodes. Feel free to check all of the hyper linked addresses to give both of these content creators a look! We can guarantee you will find something you like about either one! While not a brand new series this branded channel is still a blast to watch as you get to grab a peak inside the lives of the creative types and their day to day doings.


If you are all in town for the anime based flicks then fear not we have a few titles to throw your way! The first one being The Fist of the North Star movie. If you like a Mad Max and awesome animation and action then this is the film for you! Here is a description to sate your curiosity! After a devastating nuclear holocaust, it is literally every man for himself, ala MAD MAX. But an unlikely hero emerges in the form of Kenshiro—a martial arts master with a taste for blood—and vengeance. Kenshiro falls in with a young thief and an orphan, forming an unlikely trio determined to bring justice to this lawless new Earth. A classic, end-of-the-world bloodfest!

We are always hard at work to bring you the best we can bring you all in terms of content and entertainment so let us know how we have been doing so far in the comment section down below! There is always room for improvement and we love hearing back from our amazing fans from across the globe!

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