These 2018 Spring Anime Are Getting Second Seasons

These 2018 Spring Anime Are Getting Second Seasons

I have to say, spring 2018 was a great season, leaving me longing for much more. There were a plethora of good shows, and to my utter glee, many shows are already announcing second seasons! In case you missed any of them, here are anime receiving a second season in the near future.

Note: I’m not including obvious ones like My Hero Academia or Food Wars.

These 2018 Spring Anime Are Getting Second Seasons

Golden Kamuy

A second season of Golden Kamuy was such a sure thing, they announced it at the end of episode 12. This anime hit me in my anime sweet spot—informative, violent, crude, and absolutely hilarious. Fortunately, we won’t be waiting long—Golden Kamuy comes back in October 2018!



Space Battleship Tiramisu

Somehow, despite watching 26 anime this season, this show eluded me. I know plenty of people who are thrilled about this getting a second season.  Space Battleship Tiramisu resumes in October 2018. It kills me that I watched this next show over this one.



Gurazeni: Money Pitch

…Why and how? Is the 6.36 on MyAnimeList reason for jubilation? Money and resources would be better spent by chewing on aluminum foil. Expect this back in October 2018.




Tokyo Ghoul:Re

I know Tokyo Ghoul is a money-making machine, but this one shocks me. I wouldn’t be going out on a limb by saying Tokyo Ghoul:Re was subpar. This is easily the worst installment in the series, but nevertheless, Tokyo Ghoul:Re returns October 2018.



3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Ready for my word to become meaningless? Me too! I really enjoyed this show, but it’s 6.7 rating on MAL indicates I’m in the minority here. I’m flabbergasted and elated to see this show come back. Unfortunately, this won’t premiere until January 2019.



Fist of the Blue Sky Re:Genesis

Again, how and why? This is one of the worst shows of Spring 2018. I’m a HUGE Polygon Pictures fan, so it hurts me to see them devoting money and resources to this. Good luck, Polygon Pictures. I really hope you survive this. Expect this back in October 2018.


B: The Beginning

This is cheating a tad since it’s technically a winter show, but B: The Beginning is coming back! This phenomenal detective/crime drama anime returns to Netflix on September 21!



Lastly, and I can’t emphasize this enough, these anime have not had a second season confirmed or hinted at.


Get it? Got it? Good.


Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku

When Wotakoi’s 11th episode ended, I was pretty down. An 11 episode season? Word is there may not be enough source material for a second season, much less a 12th episode, but I’m holding out hope. The literal last image of season one has a message saying “See you again.” This was a gem this season and I sincerely hope we get more.


Easily one of the best and funniest anime of the season. They left a second season open to possibilities with how they ended it. I cannot plead with the gods hard or often enough to ensure a second season happens.


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