Why it matters that you stream legally

Hello ladies, gentlemen and cats! Josh here and we need to have a chat! Oh no don’t worry you are not in trouble! Just wanted to remind you about why it matters that you stream legally. I know it is redundant and you hear it all over social media, but it means more than most think that it means. It addresses the small actions that fans take when talking about anime. Showing support for your favorite streaming site (Even if it is not us!) goes a long way in showing support for an industry that we all very much love and enjoy to share in. It’s why we go to conventions and promote streaming sites, it’s why streaming websites in turn support conventions! Being able to show that you stream legally does help the industry in the long run.

When you talk about watching anime from less than legal sites or if you share images with the aforementioned less than legal sites name you discredit your source; you show your lack of support for the industry. Upfront, but that’s just the fact of the matter. Whether you support a paid subscription or us over here at Viewster you are doing a step better than those who would do further harm to an industry that is often seen in sway due to the ever increasing age gap in Japan. What your legal subscription goes towards with paid services is licensing costs for the most part; granted I am not as versed in the industry as others. What I do know is that the cost of a subscription or supporting a service like Viewster helps to give the anime industry a bit of a leg up!  Those funds go towards the publishing and production companies and let them know that we appreciate what they are doing.

We work hard to bring you awesome titles like ClassicaLoid for free!

The most common reply I have gotten from my own posts is that after watching it illegally they eventually buy it. While that is awesome that you bought it, I wouldn’t use that as an excuse to check out anime before you buy them. I know that funding is an issue and certain services may not be available in your country of choice and it pretty much locks you into an iffy situation. It is hard to tell someone without that sort of access best of luck, but that isn’t something I would say. There are plenty of other services that have anime as apart of their catalog that are used in many countries and Viewster does it’s best to bring anime to a variety of countries for no cost you the viewer. That way we can get you in the door legally and you can still enjoy anime without having to worry about dropping an upfront cost for it. Now it doesn’t hurt to eventually buy the anime of choice in the future as the issue with streaming is nothing lasts forever!

Regardless you should strive to always stream or watch your anime legally. It helps give back to the industry that we all love. It lets the industry specialists know that they have fans who are willing to support them from across the Pacific and beyond. It gives companies much needed funding and could possibly help us to see continuations of series that we love and admire very much. For me finding the series K-On! Over on Viewster for free and knowing that I was legally streaming the series helped fill a void in the anime world that I have been trying to fill ever since I was recommended this anime from several friends. Hopefully we are helping other viewers out there in finding anime that they have longed to see by providing you all with amazing free and legal streaming!

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