Wild Arms Is Back For iOS & Android

Wild Arms Is Back For iOS & Android
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Who doesn’t love it when classic games get brought back from the dead? That is exactly what’s in store for fans of the longtime JRPG favorite – Wild Arms!

Developer Forward.Works recently announced that a new Wild Arms game is in development.

The game, Wild Arms Million Memories, is a brand new title with original story (no remakes here, sir). However, they did mention in the press release that characters from previous title will make an appearance.

Wild Arms is a unique RPG, blending fantasy and wild west themes. Your characters wield firearms into combat, and can use super-powered gun attacks against foes. The original was released on the PS1 in 1996 (aka the golden era of JRPGs).

Bask in the wonderful low-res polygon goodness:

Its success led to a loooooong term franchise. First we get Wild Arms 2 in ’99, which was decently received. Wild Arms 3 for the PS2 released in 2002 to high praise, mostly for the adoption of cell-shaded graphics, which were all the rage for the time. Then, Wild Arms 4 in 2005 (more action oriented than it’s predecessors)… Wild Arms 5 shortly thereafter.

The series jumped on the mobile bandwagon in 2008 with Wild Arms XF – the last game in the series until now.

Wild Arms Is Back For iOS & Android
Source: Forward.Works

During the franchises rise to fame in the 90’s, an anime with a similar theme was released. Wild Arms: Twilight Venom aired 22  episodes on WOWOW in Japan from ’99-’00. (You can still find these episodes online, but you didn’t hear that from me). The 187 page Wild Arms – Flower Thieves manga was released in 2001, which included plot elements from other titles, but was set in a unique world.

Even though it’s been a decade since we heard from Wild Arms, Forward.Works is putting a lot of TLC into the new addition to the fam. They’ve recruited Rin Akatsuki for the soundtrack, Million Memories, which Sony plans to release May 16th.

Still no word on whether the gameplay will follow the earlier or the later games, or if they’ll come up with something unique.

Whatever they do, it’s great to hear they’re breathing life into a classic series!

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