Yes, Fortnite Prom Proposals Are A Thing

Yes, Fortnite Prom Proposals Are A Thing
Source: @_MadisonW__ / Twitter

Fortnite has turned from popular video game to a pure epidemic.

Schools are banning the game during school hours, confiscating phones, and blocking Wi-Fi from students. It’s all for nothing, though, because now students are nabbing dates for prom in-game.

YUP. Check out these elaborate Fortnite prom proposals:

Looks like the cliché days of gamers being lonely nerds are long gone. Years ago, hiding an invite for a date in a video game would have gotten you stuffed in a locker, nowadays some schools are boosting their own prom attendance by offering playable Fortnite setups at the event.

As you’d expect, almost all of these invites ended up getting positive responses.


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