Your lie In April: Episode 4 Review

Of all the series that I am enjoying on Viewster right now, Your lie in April is easily near the top of that list primarily because of episodes like this. When I first started watching Your lie in April, I was really concerned that the series was going to take a really heavy handed approach in order to make the audience cry and feel sympathy for the characters right away but what I have found since that first episode is that Your lie in April doesn’t need to be extremely heavy in order to get its point across.

In the fourth episode, it’s time for the second round of the competition. Kaori spent all of episode three attempting to convince Kousei to accompany her on the piano and in the final moments of the episode she is able to convince him with her words and tears that she truly does have faith in him.

In this episode, the pair take to the stage and the audience finally sees exactly what happens when Kousei attempts to play the piano when an audience is watching him. The notes disappear from the sheet music and he feels as though he is underwater suffocating. Will he and Kaori be able to play together under these conditions?

Whenever I watch a new episode that I think I might want to write about, I try to take notes as I am watching but in this case I found it extremely difficult to do so because I was so enraptured by these characters that I kept forgetting to take my eyes off the screen long enough to type anything. That’s what this series does; it commands you to keep watching the screen and just enjoy what is happening even if no one is talking and the only sounds that there are to hear is two characters making beautiful music together.

What I enjoyed the most about this episode though is that while the drama is real, it never feels like you’re being hit over the head with a sledgehammer. Instead I liken it to being knocked over with a feather. The sensation may be gentle but the impact is very real indeed and ending the episode on a foreshadowing cliffhanger only has me that much more interested in seeing what is going to happen next.

Your lie in April is easily one of the top three series of the season so far and while I worry about where it’s going to go next, I know that there is no way that I will be able to stop at this point. It’s as though I am on the back of a bike being sped downhill towards a performance hall with no brakes to be had. All I can do is watch the end game get closer and closer and brace myself for maximum impact.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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