Your Next Dose Of Evangelion Will Be In A Kids’ Show

Your Next Dose Of Evangelion Will Be In A Kids' Show
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We’ve still got a bit of time to wait before the next Evangelion movie. But if you’re jonesing for a fix of Eva now, you can find it in an unexpected place: the kids’ mecha series Shinkalion!

Your Next Dose Of Evangelion Will Be In A Kids' Show

Past References

Transforming Bullet Train Robot Shinkalion is, to be blunt, your average toy selling anime. 11-year-old Hayato is one of several gifted young pilots fighting evil in train mecha known as Shinkalions. The toys in the related line are Transformers-style units modeled after bullet trains.

And as with many children’s anime, you’ll find a lot of hidden jokes.

Take, for example, Miku Hatsune: one of Hayato’s fellow gifted pilots. She bears a striking resemblance to Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, and shares a voice (Saki Fujita) with her, too!

Previous episodes have also included references to other anime, including Evangelion. So what makes the upcoming episode so special?

Your Next Dose Of Evangelion Will Be In A Kids' Show
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Evangelion Returns!

A Shinkalion based on the EVA-01 is on its way to the show… and Shinji Ikari is coming with it!

Megumi Ogata, who’s voiced Shinji since the original series, will be playing the role in the crossover episode. Also returning will be Junko Iwao, playing Shinji’s classmate Hikari and Hikari’s two sisters.

The whole thing may seem a little random, but there’s precedent for the crossover. An Evangelion-themed shinkansen really was on the tracks from November 2015 to May of this year, and the Shinkalion toy line created a transforming robot based on it.

The crossover will take place in episode 31 of Shinkalion. What exactly will happen in the show, we’ll have to wait and see.

But with the last of the Rebuild of Evangelion films on the horizon, this will be a fun way to tide ourselves over! All we want to know now is… how many Rei Ayanamis can we expect to see in the episode?


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