Japanese Hip Hop Group Inspired By Mario Kart

yurufuwa gang
Source: yurufuwa gang via YouTube

Need a break from everything? Turn your brain off and dip to Tokyo real quick? We got you covered.

Yurufuwa Gang just landed on our radars… and they’re awesome. We’ll forewarn you, this Japanese hip hop group is very, very different from what we typically showcase. The Gang doesn’t give much of a damn – they’re just having fun (lthough they do infuse plenty of positivity into their music).

Duo Ryugo Ishida and Sophiee teamed up with producer Automatic in Tokyo just for fun… Their first track, F***ing Car, was inspired by Mario Kart… Which makes it IRRESISTABLE.  It got the attention of US hip-hop producers, and now they’re blowing up.

In an interview with The Japan Times, the duo talked about their influences. Included were an wide assortment of musicians and pop culture references that could only be described as incredible. Among those listed were (of course) Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto, Disneyland rides, fast food, Quentin Tarantino films, and Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Local Japanese hip-hop artists from their youth also effected them, although they mentioned that they don’t pay much attention to the current Japanese hip-hop scene (which is surging right now, if you weren’t aware). They’d rather do their on thing, which is nice to see.

You can grab Yurufuwa Gang’s import CD Mars Ice House on Amazon. Or just log in to Spotify – cause it’s 2018.

YG’s tracks remind me of Fat Pat mixed with Cibo Matto. Anyone else? Just me?


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