Zelda On The Go: The Nintendo Switch Review

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Let’s admit it: There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Nintendo Switch. Of course, we’re all hoping the bite is as big as the bark, especially when it comes to Nintendo’s most popular games.

Zelda’s latest release kept a lot of the old and added some remarkable new. The creators switched up the way you gain more life in the game: Trading collected spirit orbs at choice, kickass statues. Praying at these statues will give you heart containers or stamina vessels – it feels more… Authentic.

A favored new feature? COOKING. You can now hunt, collect elixirs and cook your own.

This Zelda game is a defining moment for the Zelda franchise and a benchmark for the series to work from moving forward.

To get the whole lowdown on the game, plus a full console review: Head over to Three If By Space.

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